We are glad you have come for a visit.  Don’t worry if you have been sent to us by a friend, family member or colleague and you haven’t a clue what we do and how what we do will make life more enjoyable for you.  Similarly, if you are familiar with our ‘world’ we hope that this site will learn you some new things to add to your existing knowledge and skills.

What is the Wookie Wizard Build?

Our Wizard, used in conjunction with Kodi, or one of the many ‘forks’ (variations) of Kodi will provide you with the means to turn your ‘standard programme viewing’ into something that is on another level.  You will have have access to watch sports, movies, tv shows, music, concerts, documentaries and so much more!
Within our Wizard we offer –
  • 3 of our own builds – LiteRetro and New Look.  All of these builds use the ‘best of the best’ addons available.
  • A huge amount of Community Builds.  To keep things simple, these are builds that have been made by members of the Wookie community.

What you need to know

  • The Wookie is FREE.

  • Updates to our builds are FREE. Can you see the pattern that is emerging here?

  • We provide FREE help and support to install and maintain our builds on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Please ensure that you only join/contact these official platforms.  There are a LOT of fake groups and youTube channels using our Wookie name for financial benefit or increased traffic.  These fakers give out misinformation and bad advice.  Avoid them at all costs.

  • We have no ‘partners’ or ‘approved sellers’ of our wizard and we do NOT sell any devices.

  • Unfortunately, if you have been ‘sold’ Wookie by someone, you have been ripped off by them as our Wizard is FREE.

  • Similarly, if you have been sold a firestick, firetv or any android tv box with Wookie already installed, it will no doubt be an out of date build.  The first thing that you will need to do is wipe everything and start afresh.  So, PLEASE don’t pay over the odds for your device.  Buy from a trusted seller that will offer a guaranteed product with a warranty  and actual support for your device – not just a promise of support.  Ensure that they  have a means allow you to update the firmware in your device.

  • Anyone promising you that you will have access to everything in the whole world that you could ever want to watch, live  sports and tv that will never buffer, are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

  • There is no such thing as a chipped/jailbroken/hacked device.  Whomever has told you that is trying to justify why they are ripping you off.