Contacting the Wookie team is easy.

Wookies are a friendly, but busy, bunch.  70,000 people world-wide contact us on social media. Get in touch in the way that suits you best – Facebook (Wookie Community), Twitter (@wookie_wizardry) and Google+ (Wookie Community).  We can’t wait to chat with you so click these links and get contacting us.

Our latest and greatest developments are always announced on our official sites first.

Don’t worry about how much or little you know about your android box, android tv, pc or firestick.  Wookies in our various groups are happy to guide you through everything from setting them up, reinstalling our builds (Lite, Retro and New Look) and swapping builds.  If you are a more advanced user, we can also provide help and assistance to aid you to tweak the builds to your personal needs.

We’d just like to add a few words of caution.  There have been a number of groups set up on Facebook and other social media sites that have nothing to do with Wookie, our build, our developments, our team or the support we provide to you.  The people involved with these fake groups are merely using the Wookie name for personal gain i.e. to

  • increase membership numbers within their groups,
  • attract visitors to their often low quality youTube channels,
  • sell inferior quality android boxes or other devices at inflated rates.

The amount of misinformation, bad advice and lies given in these fake groups is detrimental to your experience of buying a device, installing and using the Wookie Build. Don’t be taken in by them.

We would therefore stress that it is in your own personal interests to ensure you are contacting the real Wookies.  You deserve to get the right information from the right people!