How to Install Wookie SPMC 14.2 with the Wookie Update Wizard built in, with this version installed you’ll always have the Wookie Wizard available even after clearing data.

Before installing this version please follow the steps below to uninstall your current version of Kodi / XBMC / SPMC

From the main Android Launcher Screen go to Settings / Other / More Settings / Apps / Then Click On The App Your Currently Using Kodi / XBMC / SPMC & Click On ‘Force Stop’ Then Click On ‘Uninstall’






–  From the Android Launcher Screen open My Apps and run AppInstaller (This will search your device for .APK Files).

–  Click on the file named spmc-wookie-4.0.0_14.2.0.apk (This will start the install process).

–  Once the install process has finished, from My Apps click on SPMC.

–  When SPMC has loaded, scroll along to Video & click Video Addons.

–  Now click on Wookie and enter your login details.

(either the Free version login which is Username: Free  Password: 1234 or

the Pro version login details via purchasing the Pro version upgrade)

–  Click on the tile that says SPMC 14. Devices and the update will begin.

–  When the update completes click on the ‘Ok Button’ then ‘Unplug Your Device’.

–  Plug your device back in & start SPMC as normal.



Please make sure you read the above instructions carefully. If this is your first time installing please don’t worry we are here to help. If the instructions for How to Install Wookie SPMC seem impossible to understand. Or If you need any help, get stuck, or come across any problems installing there are numerous solutions. You can follow Team Wookie on Twitter HERE . Before asking any questions, simply check the Wookie Timeline. There is a chance that your problem has already been answered. If after checking you are still having problems, then simply get in touch. Please be patient if you don’t get an answer straight away. There’s only so many Wookies!