Meet Team Wookie


Who are we? … What is Wookie?  We hear you cry.


Meet Team Wookie. Firstly Team Wookie are a team of developers with a vast array of knowledge in XBMC/SPMC/Kodi. We thought it was about time to come out of hiding and show you what we are all about.

As Wookies, we rarely sleep. We eat occasionally. However we are always on hand if you need us!






Laudrup is the bossy one.  Carlos is the baby of the group. Lennart can be scary. As you can see Sven is gingerish, well he is a Wookie. We are like a hairier version of The Spice Girls, ready to offer you the must have build in SPMC and Kodi.



We will go into detail on the other pages on what the Wookie can do. At the moment we offer a free version of the Wookie for all of our users . What we basically do we turn your TV box into the full package by doing all the hard work for you by sorting all the best addons.  So you can access Sports, TV, Movies and much more!

We also offer access to lifetime updates and complete Twitter support. So have a look around the site to see what we offer and welcome to Team Wookie !


Please note that The Wookie Team does not  run, control or own any of the content of the addons or the addons repos. If you do incur any problems  like buffering etc with any addons then please contact the owners of the addons. We will of course offer you as much help as we can via Twitter. However as the addons aren’t ours, there’s only so much we can do.


Thanks for checking us out. Any questions then get in touch!