Megamind Community Build

The Megamind build is one of many that are absolutely top notch. Community Builds are, as the name suggests, built by members of our community.   Our members that make these builds have all learned their skills over varying periods of time and the builds vary in terms of complexity.  We want to say a HUGE thanks to all of our builders and the addon developers that give their time freely for the good of our community.  Why not try some more of our Community Builds and find one you use?  It only takes a couple of minutes to change builds.

Occasionally addons will be completely removed or new addons will emerge.  When this happens, you will need to update the build.  This only takes a few minutes and you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if you need any assistance to do this.

Want to see what the build looks like?

Click on the link above to watch a short video giving you an overview of the build and all of the great addons included in it.  It really is a MEGA build!


Or prefer some screenshots?

 Will this build work on all forks of Kodi?