Revenge IPTV SPMC Kodi Addon




The Revenge IPTV SPMC Kodi Addon is a one of the latest IPTV addons released. The Revenge IPTV SPMC Kodi Addon collates links for your full package of UK TV including premium Channels such as Movies and Sports. The Revenge IPTV SPMC Kodi Addon also links to certain Video on Demand content from past games, fights and PPVs. Please note that this addon pulls data from addons you have installed. If you haven’t got them installed. It will prompt you.





The above SPMC Kodi addon is available in the Wookie. This SPMC Kodi addon can be obtained for no charge from other sources via it’s respected repository. However the great thing about the Wookie is we do all of the hard work for you.  With Wookie there is no need for you to  gather all the addons and create your own build. We have done all that for you in a sleek looking design. Also don’t forget that with the Wookie we offer lifetime updates. You will never miss out on a brand new add on or have to change your build when addons stop working … Again … We do all the hard work for you!

Please note that The Wookie Team does not  run, control or own any of the content of this addon or the addon itself. If you do incur any problems with this addon then please contact the owner of this addon. You can of course manually install this addon yourself if you wish. If you have The Wookie there is no need to do anything to get this addon. If you don’t have The Wookie you can follow the link below to install it yourself.

You can install this Addon yourself if you wish by following the install guide from HERE

Don’t forget that Team Wookie offer three versions of The Wookie. We offer the Wookie New Look, The Wookie Retro and The Wookie Lite. We do not charge for any of our Wookie Builds. If you are paying a Box seller for the Wookie Wizard or to install updates, then please stop and ask for an immediate refund.