Who are Team Wookie?

Team Wookie are a multi skilled bunch with talents in development, coding, design  and communication.  Obviously, we are all extremely good looking (albeit ever so slightly hairy as you would expect).  Working well together is essential and we play to each others strengths and weaknesses.  The key thing that we all have in common is that we are all dedicated to Wookie and give up our time freely for the benefit of all those that use the Wookie Builds.  This time is precious and most people would be spending it with their family and friends or at the local pub.  We do not ask for any form of remuneration.  Our satisfaction comes from knowing that what we do benefits so many people.  We hope that you have already sussed that if you are a regular Wookie user.


Team Wookie  do not run, control or own any of the content of the addons or the addons repositories. If you encounter any problems like buffering etc with any addons then please contact the owners of the addons. We will of course offer you as much help as we can. However, as the addons aren’t ours, there’s only so much we can do.

If you haven’t a clue what an addon or repository is, don’t worry.  We all knew nothing at the start and learned as we went along. Head to our Jargon Busting section where  Team Wookie cover the basics and all will be revealed.