The Wookie Wizard Builds:

We are pleased to offer the Wookie Wizard totally free of charge.

 So, what does the Wookie Wizard offer?

With the Wookie Wizard we have put together the very best addons for you, so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work.  We know how frustrating putting everything together yourself can be.

We have 3 builds for you to enjoy.  Click on the links below to get a look and feel for these builds.  Everyone has their own favourite.  It does only take minutes to try out each of the builds on your device.  If you are not sure how to change builds Team Wookie are available to help you.  Our Wookie Wizard and Builds  are simple to install and very easy to use.


Community Builds

In addition to our Wookie Wizard and Builds, a number of our users have gone on to develop their own builds.  We love that they have done this.  You can find a great number of these Community Builds within our Wizard.  There are a huge number of different themes, styles and looks and we’re sure you will enjoy them too.

One build in particular has a great following and that is the Megamind Build.  Have a look – we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

None of these builds would exist if it were not for the time and effort that the addon developers put in.  We can’t thank them enough for their work and the fact that they too also offer their addons for free for the good of the community.  So, if there is an addon that you particularly like, please take the time to thank the developer.

Addons will normally automatically update.  Don’t forget that Team Wookie will constantly update The Wookie Wizard Build and our 3 Builds as above. Some addons do vanish over time and other new ones appear so, you will have to update your version of our build from time to time.  We will be here to support you doing that.

We regularly add new features to the Wookie Wizard Build as we go, so watch this space. Most of all, thanks for choosing the Wookie.